Ghosts in the Sand

Damaris' diary04

Written in Infernal

Praise be to Nyarlathotep, wonderful one who shakes the world and leaves madness in his wake.

Praise be to the one who took the demon’s curse from Hassim, who bestowed a glimpse of his mind to Sora and showed them how to believe.

Hassim is much happier now, and I can see his true face. He’s human. And looks much better, with only a thin blue line on his face left, which is a big improvement from yesterday.

But let me begin at the beginning.

I woke in my room with the children, and yet I was alone. Nyarlathotep had taken his power from me. In my dreams I had see a man, and he was calling for me to follow. To find him.

The children wanted to go into town, and so I took them, confused at my dreams, and unable to use my powers. I had planned to find a warlock to talk to and ask if they were having similar problems.

But then I saw him. The man from my dream. And we took chase. He lead us down an alley, and disappeared into a door. The door was open, and beyond was completely black. I told the children to leave me, but instantly felt that this had been the wrong decision and called them back.

My powers returned as soon as I entered the darkness.

I turned to Hassim, and saw a being of fire, something insubstantial, rise out of him. It was his demonic taint personified. And it attacked. My magic returned, I fought it, and with a single powerful bolt of magic, it was gone.

Sora began to laugh. Nyarlathotep was in her mind. It unnerved me. I do not think children are ready to receive Nyarlathotep’s blessings, and yet I was happy. It was a very strange feeling.

Hassim’s true face lost the demonic tongue which filled it, and for the first time in years, he walked out in the sunlight showing his true face. Thanks to Nyarlathotep he kept his magic, and is much happier.

Praise to Nyarlathotep. Blessed is his madness.

I do not know how many followers he has elsewhere, but today, we welcomed two more into his fold.



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