Ghosts in the Sand

Damaris' diary05

Written in Infernal

My lord, please be aware that I do not align myself with Morgrim. He’s a nasty piece of work, and I do not agree with his god. As we rode through the desert, a dead crow rose up, and when i shot it with an elderitch blast, it fought back and hurt me. No manners. I have no desire to allow undead things in the forest to continue, it’s far too dangerous. Its one eyed gaze was uncomfortable to me. Feel free to make Morgrim’s life less comfortable, or give me some tips.

We met a copper dragon today, they are fond of pranks and mazes. Thanks to the lantern I took from the demonic priests of the evil Sultan, we made our way through his puzzle with surprising ease. A coin given to a kobold helped too. I didn’t like how the others treated his hoard like a general store. He is a noble creature, and the fact that he was willing to trade shows he is a lot more intelligent than I would have expected, and a lot less selfish. To be able to trade, and not simply kill us to gain our possessions… demonstrates a great amount of self-restraint from him.

Sussan’s body has been taken away, and Keeri has not been seen again. I am not sure how to give their minds to you, but I will attempt a ritual later tonight, and I can but hope.

Hassim’s studies are going well. I am very proud of him, and I hope you are too. I may need to remove the taint from others, and I hope they find comfort in your embrace once they are enlightened, and free from the demonic shackles.



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