Ghosts in the Sand

Keltar's Diary 01

On the final Lie

Praise Selune, who guides us through the darkness, who’s eye ever brings light to shadows. While Morgrim and Riktol more than compensate for Kiri’s skills, I fear we have lost something from the spirit of our group that will not be replaced so easily. My failure to protect or rescue my ward is likely to remain my greatest failure, one that I am certain I will face harsh judgement over when I stand before the goddess. I have offered prayers to Lliira that she might ease Kiri’s transition as much as is possible.

At last we have learned of the ‘final truth’, the supposed destruction of the world by the gods and even the destruction of the gods themselves. This truth supposedly sapped the will of the people of this land and made them abandon reason and the love of the gods in favour of madness and the malice of Daemons. How anyone can be stupid enough to fall for such a blatant lie is beyond me. Selune teaches that she will always return no matter what, her eye may shut for a time but she will always return her gaze. This lie has clearly served the daemons well in the past and it seems to already have found some purchase in the mind of the Talosian priest. He is a strange one, clearly skilled in combat and possessed of great celestial power but so lacking in even basic leadership skills and even faith it seems. Is Talos’ congregation so small that he never has to tend to the faithful? Still the very fact he believes the ‘Final Lie’ means that he is open to their corruption. Now I must watch the faithless Dwarf and the Mad Teifling. Da’Selune I will find a way to return them to the light. Selune’a’nar.



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