Books looted from Nazim's Palace

Legends of the Jaku

This book details the many legends of several Jaku heroes of the past 300 years. There are stories of their battles with centaurs, air elementals and even dragons on their quests seeking the hidden treasures of the Great Desert. The author was clearly not a Jaku themselves and describes them with an air of mystical reverence.

Histories of Iyssaria

This book describes the most recent dynasty of Iyssaria, which stretches back 500 years and mentions many of the battles and rebellions that took place as well as the rise and fall of the other cities’ rulers. Over time the influence of the central government waned and the princes of the many desert cities have become almost entirely independent. There is little mention of any foreign threats to the kingdom.

Some notable cities mentioned include the capital, Thanduun, which lies near a magical oasis and Yanbu, reputed to be home to a vast library with scrolls dating back almost 1000 years. The author claims there is a silver dragon that visits with one of the Yanbu library elders almost every decade.

The Ravager of the Desert

The front cover depicts a female centaur wearing a headdress and wielding a glaive. The author describes his experiences of being attacked and captured by a tribe of centaurs whilst travelling across the desert. He tells of his fellow captives being killed in terrible rites to the centaurs’ God and his eventual escape.

Books looted from Nazim's Palace

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