Ghosts in the Sand

Damaris' diary02

Written in Infernal

Together we sneak into the Sultans palace, and there are more pretenders. Winged demons, and before we attempt the climb to the Sultan’s room, we rest and ransack the room. Keeri was very happy about that.

It seems the tigers were not all fable. There are cat-people, they are terribly strong, fast too. And not something I have any encountered before.

I have not written for some time. Things have gotten… difficult. We stormed the demonic Sultan’s palace and dispatched him. It took some time. We met another were-leopard, who was honorable, strong… and Keltar wants to save him from slavery (after he was bested by us, and escaped into the desert.)

We then went looking through the slavers market for sailors, but ended up coming away with children. One little dragonkin at first, and then I went back to find a playmate. I asked the children who wanted to be in my family. ‘I want to be part of your family’ said a small voice, and a little tiefling stood before me. I then pissed off the slaver when he hit the child, and he wouldn’t sell him to me, so I had to return in disguise.

When I got him back to the ship and ruffled his hair, I discovered he wasn’t a tiefling at all. I think he’s a human warlock. I can’t deny that I was dissapointed. My road is a lonely one, and I felt a surge of parental love that I had not accounted for.

Despite – or perhaps because of – his trickery, I am rather impressed with Hassim.

My family is getting bigger. That I have a family astonishes me. I am not as cruel as I was. I am more protective. What strange changes are working over me.

I think Keltar would approve, and I am trying to ensure that he will not kill me given the chance. But am I pretending to be kind? Perhaps I did at first. Have I deceived myself?



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