Cult Leader Tiefling


Despite a bad first impression, it seems that Damaris has warmed to various members of the party, especially Keeri, and is trying to (at least appear to…) be goodly.

Damaris seems to be the only worshipper of a god called Nyarlathotep, and on her backpack carries a stone which she one day hopes to use as the founding stone for a temple in honor of her god. She has made it clear that she is a magic user, and calls herself a warlock.

Damaris claims that during her childhood she had a nightmare, and afterwards her powers manifested. Based on the scrolls and diaries she found within a fiendish temple in the desert, and questions from one (ahem Dragonborn) member of the party, she is beginning to think about her theology more carefully. What makes Nyarlathotep different from the demons she killed? Has she made a pact with the not-so-proverbial devil?


- “Have you heard the good word of Narthythotep?” – Damaris
- “I love this fight I’m out of reach and have a target rich environment…”- Damaris during the attack on Karas
-Has just murdered a begging bandit. Keltar ‘That was cold.’ Damaris – ’I’m immune to cold.’ (Holds up her shiny new magic ring.)


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