Easily impressed street urchin turned Monk


Scruffy and with ragged clothing Keeri does not appear to be much more than one more down on their luck individual. She’s still as scrawny as the day she she left the streets but the confidence in her step is what marks her apart from the multitude of poor on the streets.

What people tend to remember about Keeri is her confidence and willful spirit. She can’t resist a challenge and enjoys praise and being appreciated. Her main problem is that she still finds gold so entrancing and is easily impressed by finery and jewelery. Even small amounts of gold seem to be a staggering amount of wealth. Although normally only interested in looking out for those who were close around her she has always believed in freedom. Although never hugely interested in religion she begun to find a sense of spiritual fulfillment in Lliira, goddess of Joy and Freedom though she hasn’t always done so well at the bringing joy to others she is trying and slowly improving in her worship.

Keeri had a tattoo covering most of her torso depicting the avatar of Bhaal in the “Slayer” aspect. A memento of the worst night of her life in the company of the Paladins of Bhaal led by Azar Shotori. Keltar managed to remove the tattoo and the resultant scarring which was an improvement, until it came back stronger than ever that was…


She has shown that she is willing to go to great lengths for her friends. In Laq’Had when Damaris was cornered in a shadow guard stronghold Keeri went in after her. She managed to rescue Damaris and some of the other risoners but in the proces of holding of the many guards was struck down and taken prisoner.



From what little Keeri has spoken about she has spent most of her life running wild in the streets of Lantar’s capital as an orphan. Sleeping in attics, sewers or just on the streets it was a bit of a rough start to life. Her life took a new direction one day after attempting to pickpocket the Enlightened Abbot in the market place she was forcibly packed off to the monastery as part of a plan to reduce the number of orphans on the streets. The monastery in question was the Walfreid Monastery an institution built out in the suburbs of the city.

Though she enjoyed the physical training Keeri still hated the loss of her freedom and never took to the studies of spiritual nature which has always held her monk training back, as has her limited literacy. She eventually left the monastery and by that point both the monks and other aspirants were glad to see the back of her. She swiftly found herself in trouble with the law for a series of thefts but was rescued from working in the mines by Kelvar the Paladin of Selune. in return she owes him a favour and was recruited into the Historical Society leading to her arrival in Iyssaria.

Whilst the others on the Bloodhawk were hard at work on the journey over learning the language of Iyssarian Keeri spent hours swimming or swinging in the rigging learning her way around the ship. Now in the desert she is belatedly catching up with the others.

After the incident with the Bhaalite paladin, Keeri became quieter and stuck closer to the group. She’s begun to find that more of Lliira’s teachings and the meditation techniques from the monastery helped her get through the days more easily. She has not touched a drop of alcohol since the night that she was kidnapped by Azar Shatori.

She has become more skilled during her time in Iyssaria. Partly as a result of the “training” that her friends have given her but the tutelage of Jalil and Varus have brought her on leaps and bounds and even allowed her to utilize the Fist of Unbroken Air technique.

Treasured Possesions
She never really knew her parents and the only token she had of them is a copper coin from a strange foreign land. She jumped at the chance to travel to Iyssaria with the historical society. She has no idea of her age though is probably somewhere in her early twenties. The coin was one of the possessions that was lost during the “incident” with the Bloody Company.

She was given a golden necklace by Damaris it was one of the few gifts she has ever received so treasure sit and always wears it. Damaris had it as a party gift from Princess Samia of the Jaku who was impressed with her. After the battle for Karas she mounted the Gem of Brightness in the Necklace. It’s Command Word is “Laughter’s Light”.

After she lost her old swords Keeri acquired a pair of blades from the fallen Jaku. After the battle at Karas she paid to have them modified and personalized. One sword was named “Joy” and the other “Sorrow”. Joy was forged with the likeness of a tiny mouse on the pommel made in copper whilst sorrows hilt is steel set with a single diamond shaped like a tear. Both weapons are silvered.

She had a pet mouse called Cato which she claims to have had since childhood she managed to hide him from the monks who had a strict no pet policy. He developed a taste for Goodberries and could eat a surprising amount. He was killed during a rite to Bhaal and Keeri has never forgiven herself for her actions that night. The following day she held a funeral for her beloved pet and the others that the Bhaalites had killed, pushing a small paper boat, with Cato’s body and the names of others whom had been slain, out into the harbour that rapidly burned and sunk.


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