Morgrim Valahem

He Who Contends with Mosnters Must Take Care Lest He Become a Monster


A serious looking dwarf with hooded eyes and long braided blonde hair. His beard though shorter is also braided. He is fastidious about his appearance and obsessively cares for his weapons and armour but all his possessions show signs of long use. A small scar cuts above his eye and his hands are crisscrossed with small white knife scars. In one hand he carries a pike and about his person are subtle less well used symbols of Talos for those of the church who are able to recognize them in particular he wears blue, silver and grey the sacred colours for Talos.

His holy symbol is a silver ring etched with a crow vomiting lightning.


The most tactful way to refer to Morgrim would be efficient. He served in the Demon wars in the time of Anna the Red as a lowly pike man. The events of the war have provided a drive for him that has never died. He joined the Historical society with the aim of preventing such an invasion ever ravaging the homeland again. For even to Talos the demons are scum to be scourged by lightning and thunder.

In between his time in the wars and his joining the Society he was trained in the order of Talos. Tallasans, in most lands, are not tolerated so they make temples in out of the way places. Morgrim was trained at Tarnaz Kron (Temple of the Bubbling Tarn) the Order’s major holy site in Lantar whose location is a closely guarded secret. He see’s everyone, including himself as expendable if it results in the successful destruction of the demons or the staying of war from reaching Lantar.

While not as strong as Keltar or charming and deceptive as Damaris he is cunning and experienced used to taking all the blows the world can give and keeping coming.

Morgrim’s Faith

Morgrim is not openly or loudly zealous but his faith is strong none the less. He disagrees with the perceptions of the world a number of other priests hold thus he does not align with what is typically considered to be a Tallasan. He believes that there is a preordained fate for the world that cannot be changed and that eventually will face it’s own destruction, a belief only verified by the final truth. He does not fear this since in his view the purpose of things is to die and be destroyed and that is part of the cycle. Talos does not want to be destroyed in an unending war since only the calamity and raw destruction of storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and other such events truly can be seen as praising Talos.

In Morgrim’s eyes everything has a cause and an effect and that good and evil are irrelevant to this. Coincidences and Chaos still obey laws and simply appear to be chaotic since they are not understood. Thus Chaos is is simply that which we simply do not understand, even the randomness of Talos would be lawful if we understood it well enough. These views have not endeared him to the Order of Talos hindering his rise in their ranks.

Within the Tallasans all anointed priests are known as Crows with the higher ranking ones being given an individual epithet to add to this title. This is chosen by the higher ranking members of the Order. For example “Scarred Crow” “The Crow of Sorrow”. The order has little formal structure but everyone has an innate understanding of their ever changing standing within it’s ranks. Morgrim is a Crow but has yet to achieve a title within his order.

Morgrim Valahem

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