Sultan of Laq'Had


Rashid is the Sultan of Laq’Had and is well loved by the majority of the populace. He has been in the city for as long as any one can remmeber and was adopted by the previous sultan and his wife. When they died he was seen as the natural choice to succeed them as they left no natural children. Since then he has strengthened his grip on Laq’Had founding organizations such as the Shadow Guard and eroding the power bases of priests.

If the Words of a Dead Shadow Guard are to be believed Rashid may have been the cause behind the original demon corruption when the gods buried Iyssaria in sand and was opposed by the faithful prince. Thus it is likely that it is from him the Changin ritual stems.

He corrupted Nazim to follow the demons that he does leading to the destruction of Karas. He did not openly aid Karas however suggesting that he is still biding his time and fears the power of those such as Mosam.

He has two adopted children, Prince Cyrus and Princess Nahid. It is impossible to know whether he loves them or rather see’s them as tools. As soon as the terrorist attack on Nahid took place he was already using it to further his agenda.



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