Tempus' Sword

Sword of Tempus, a blade for a champion


A mortal may be slain or become a great leader among his or her companions. Valour blazes in all.

Tempus does not have a champion, rather the one who carries this sword is his champion. Only a soul who intends to wage war against hell and/or the abyss is permitted to claim the blade and, whilst they wield it, they are Tempus’ champion.
Longsword + 3. Grants immunity to fear and charm. Grants + 2D10 radiant damage against fiends. Wielder may commune with Tempus once per day. Allies within 30ft of the wielder have advantage on saving throws to resist fear. Blade emits bright light up to 20ft and dim light up to 40ft. Grants +2 strength. A dragonborn may breathe upon the blade and add their breath damage to all attacks for 1 minute. Whilst the blade is drawn you are unable to see clearly and only your foes seem of importance to you. You may not retreat from a fight unless you are hopelessly outmatched and must not ambush enemies unless hugely outnumbered. You may cast banishing smite once per day.


Tempus' Sword

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