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Iyssaria. A kingdom in name only.

A thousand miles of desert. A hundred different lords call themselves prince. From his palace in Thanduun the boy king, Kaveh, rules, yet has never stepped outside its walls for fear of assassination. Though most still honour the Gods, there have been wild rumours that some princes are turning their devotion over to darker powers.

The Great Desert

The desert extends for a thousand miles. It is the source of terrible danger and incredible wealth. Many people refer to the Great Desert in the same tones they utter the name of their God, such is its presence upon the lives of the people in this land.


Capital city that lies next to a magical oasis in the centre of the Great Desert.


Port city on the south-east tip of Iyssaria.


City in the Great Desert. It serves as home to the administrators of the many mines nearby.


Coastal village 30 miles north of Karzesh.


40 miles north of Hara. This is the largest centre of trade for many miles.


North east of Mosam. The two cities are at war.


City 40 miles east of Thanduun.


Home to a famous library. The city is quite small and is in a remote area of the desert to the north east of Thanduun. It can take up to a month to make the journey.

The Jaku

A nomadic tribe that wanders the desert. They trade in the rare plants that grow only in the harshest possible conditions.

Druids of the Desert.

While exploring in the desert to the west of Laq’Had, Markus became lost in a sandstorm and wandered into its eye. There he met 3 druids meditating under a shade, seemingly constructed by swirling sands. They welcomed him to come and eat with them (barbecued snake on a stick) and inquired if he needed any healing. They explained that this was a sacred place of refuge and only those who were lost could find it.

The bridge in the sands.

There is a small sandstone bridge in the desert to the north west of Laq’Had. It is guarded by a sphinx. The sphinx charges a fee to cross the bridge.

The Kingdom of Lantar

A Feudal Kingdom across the sea to the East of Iyssaria.
Characters from Lantar.

The Historical Society

Formed after a great demon army invaded the Kingdom of Lantar 40 years ago. Its members seek to uncover the lost secrets of the ancient civilization upon whose ruins Lantar is built. Their efforts have always been beset by a shadowy cult and so much of their work is done in secret.

The Blood Hawk and other Society Resources

The Blood Hawk is a ship owned by Marie Avalar and lent to the Expedition to Iyssaria.

Whilst in Iyssaria a number of investments have been made to act as a front for the growing society there and finance the expedition.

Society Businesses, Resources and Safe Houses

Mythology, History and Theology

Books looted from Nazim’s Palace

Found during the battle in Karas.


Diary of the Faithful Prince

An ancient Biography recovered from the “City Beneath the Sands”. It is written in ancient Iyssarian.

The Final Truth

The Final Truth is the prophecy of the Devils concerning the end of our world and what will happen around that.

Champions of the Gods

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